If your soul has guided you here, I am honored.

The work I do with 1:1 clients is sacred inner work. It is transformative, spiritual, healing & empowering.

I know you can hear the whispers of your soul calling you to take the leap, know that you will be fully supported as you fall back into yourself.

Who is this mentorship program for?

This 1:1 sacred intensive container is for you if you are ready to:

Step into your full authentic self and reclaim your power as a spiritual being.

Understand the wisdom of your body and emotional guidance system.

Balance your wild feminine & masculine strength. 

Dive deep into the alchemy of shadow work, inner child healing and powerful heart expansion.

Open to the higher powers of the universe & connect to your ancestors, spirit guides, light team as you allow your soul purpose to reveal itself. 

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What you will receive with 1:1 coaching


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Personalized Soul Roadmap

You will receive a detailed soul roadmap including all of the topics we will work through together (a guideline for our partnership), as well as an overview over the tools we will apply and that I will hand over to you so you can be your own mentor after our partnership ends.

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Video Calls

Bi weekly 60 min calls to dive into self-healing, mindset reset, self-love practices and emotional check in. We will review the soul roadmap & check in growth. This is an intimate partnership that will require you to go deep in devotion to your healing process.

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Transformation does not exist only within our time face-to-face, but rather, the entire coaching duration. I will provide you with tools, info sheets, worksheets, cheat sheets and guided mediations for you to utilize in between our calls. You’ll gain access to extra e-books & journaling exercises as well.

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