3 / 6 months. You, me and God.

Together we dive deep to reclaim your feminine oceans, your godly divinity, your inherent intuitive & sensual powers as you awaken to your deepest liberation as a woman

This is a space of complete dissolution.

The kind of mentorship that obliterates you open to god.

No where to hide but be fully seen, witnessed, met, loved and devoured.

We crawl back to the earth together and offer our skin, bones and blood. 

A sacred rite of passage of death and rebirth into womanhood.

As you come undone and touch all of you. 

For the first time. Fully coming alive in your pleasure, pain, play, prayer.

Embracing the the holy. The slut. The wild  the witch. 

No boundaries. No limits. no holding back. 

Ceremony. blood. sweat. tears. twerking. shaking it all back to the earth body. womb body. flesh body.

we will cry, dance, sing, grieve, love and celebrate what it truly means to be a woman. 


have been feeling it deep in your body. 

your heart. your womb. 

A calling, a whisper, a desire to let go

let go and let god

to surrender your worries, fears, doubts all over to the earth

to come home to a remembrance of your ancient wild soul

the woman who is connected to and understands the wisdom of her body and earthly cycles.

 you want more than a mentor coaching you, 

you want a sister

a lover

a clear mirror of reflections

to touch the heart of all that is sacred & tender

and taste what true connection and intimacy is

you want to jump off the edge and have someone hold your hand 

you want to unravel and to know it’s ok to unravel 

you want to explore your shadows without getting lost

you want to taste more soul, more freedom, more god 

more woman, more of you 

and i’m here to give you all of that.

the question is will you jump off the edge and claim it?

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During our time together you will have full access to me whenever.

All my live programs and any in person offerings are all included in your mentorship.