Who is this session for?

The single session is ideal for those who are ready to start their journey towards their healing, but don’t know where to begin and need guidance in the right direction..

This offer is also  for those who feel like they are already on the path of healing and returning back to their purpose but still wish to gain deeper clarity and focus in a certain area of their life.

In this session I help you:

↠ Get to the root of the issue you are struggling with 

↠ Understand your emotional guidance system so you can better navigate your highs & lows

↠ Raise your self awareness and knowledge of how to better hold space for & understand your pain

↠ Gain clarity about the imbalances in different areas in your life & provide you with tools to bring them into alignment 

↠ Understand blocks in your energy center & what’s been holding you back from experiencing the depth of your own intuition 

↠Finding a sense of ease, trusting the intelligence of your body, your mind and coming into a place of surrender


Are you ready to dive deep?

 I know it can sound scary to dive into the deep end of your pain or the thing you want to run away but know the medicine you seek is in that pain. The beautiful thing about this process is I go in the deep end with you and guide. i will be there with you during your entire journey as you uncover hidden parts of yourself and remember who you truly are underneath all the dust of past traumas.

Ready to take the first step into your healing journey?

A women that chooses to show up for her own healing,
shows up for the healing of all women.
- Simmi Sunshine