My Journey so far.

Hi my name is Simmi and I’m here to help you break free from self imposed limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your most authentic, vibrant and powerful self.

My method of teaching is raw, playful and deeply intuitive as it’s source is channeled from the teachings of nature. I have been exploring the world of physical and energetic movement for the past 1 0 years to taste the different layers of pain stuck in the body and opening the doors to deep, trans-formative emotional healing. Gathering various skills and tools to incorporate into my spiritual practice through Yoga, Dance, Acro-Yoga, Energy work and all things Spirit.

Through movement and awareness of breath I empower you to live more freely, fearlessly and in tune with your internal guidance system. Encouraging growth  of the physical, mental, spiritual self and connection to the universe at large. The healing that has taken place inside my heart, I wish to share with all of you beautiful spirits.

Thank you for your presence here on earth. 

May we always tread lightly, with love and great compassion.