Balancing Work/Life flow with Yoga

There are numerous benefits of introducing yoga to the workplace. We are all aware of the mental and physical tole of a desk job and how it affects our bodies. Give your employees the gift of reducing mental stress and tension.

Benefits of yoga in the workplace: 

  • Manage and improve stress levels
  • Improves productivity, focus & concentration
  • RSI, neck & back pain relief
  • Increases joint mobility to prevent joint aches and stiffness.
  • Increases vitality, fitness and energy levels
  • Mental and emotional balance
Equipment Needed: 
  • Yoga Mat 
  • Optional Props such as blocks, bolsters, straps, etc..
  • Comfortable clothing to allow full range of motion 
  • Water/beverage


1 Onsite Corporate class

 45mins – 75$
60mins – 90$

5 Corporate Class Pack

5 (45min) classes – 275$ 
5 (60min) classes – 360$
Save 20%

I have been a student of Simmi's for over a year. Out of all the yoga instructors, Simmi is my favourite by far. Her approach is gentle and inclusive. I would recommend Simmi to anyone interested in exploring yoga in an open and loving atmosphere.
Santosh Pradhan