Professional dancer of 5 years, I was first introduced to dance in 2012 and have since been perusing my dancing dreams providing entertainment for corporate events, major festivals, and being a senior dance artist at Veils of Bollywood based in Montreal, Canada. To  expand my knowledge and experience I further trained and explored contemporary, Hip Hop, House, Waacking and currently in a deep love affair with Dance-hall. I was inspired to design my own Dance Fitness class composed with all the styles I love with one simple goal; Empowering women to dissolve body shame and embody their sensuality with full confidence and grace. To feel alive in their sexuality and in love with who they are internally. 

This is an women’s only event. A safe and open space dedicated to celebrating ourselves, our bodies and each other. A night of exploring our sensual desires and our wild sexuality. This night is for loving YOU and the beautiful women who uplift you. You don’t need a man to make you feel special, you got your sisters!

Date: Feb Friday 14th 7pm-9pm
♥ Meet & Greet starts @7pm – 7:30 and is mandatory
♥ Dress To Impress: Time to get SEXY ladies
♥ Snacks & refreshments will be provided

25$ single ticket
40$ for 2 ↠ Bring your besti

The purpose of 2 for 1 is to bring your best friend/sister/ amazing women in your life and celebrate her along with you! If your besti isn’t available and you need one comment on the fb event page or DM me and i’ll find you one! The goal is for all of us to connect and support one another.

This Event is Limited to 20 Women: It is necessary to reserve your place in advance.

Security question: 2020 is the year of?
Answer: Women

*Please note tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

Cant wait to see all of you beautiful women and celebrate the love I have for all of you ♥ #WomenLOVE #WomenEmpowerment

Dance Fusion Valentine’s Special FB event page!

What is Dance Fusion?

Dance Fusion is a Hip Hop/ Dancehall/ ladystyle inspired booty and abs dance class; with a high level cardio and groove factor. The first 20-30 mins are structured to be intensive training; with easy to follow along moves, getting our heart rates up, building strength, cultivating inner feminine power. The second half focuses on using those movements as a foundation to learn a beginner friendly choreography to challenge our mental focus, self imposed limitations and our fears of expressing our sensuality. 

Choreography is not your strong suit? That’s ok. Each move is broken down and layered seamlessly to make the process fun, exciting and deeply satisfying. The goal of this class is not to teach you how to dance but to help you step into your body with confidence. 

No Dance experience is needed for this class. 

Dance Fusion Winter 2020 Rates

5 Class Pass


10 Class Pass


Mondays 6pm Full Session (14 wks)


Saturdays 11:30am Full Session (13wks)


Drop-ins are always available at 17$ per class for those wanting a no-commitment option.

 (Your first class will be credited towards your pass or full session if you decide to purchase)

Monday Session starts January 20th until April 20th (14 weeks)

Saturday Session starts February 1st until April 25th(13 weeks)

⟶ 5 & 10 class passes are valid for both Monday & Saturday Classes 

⟶ Please read terms of use before purchasing

Dance Fusion 2020

Winter session January 6th until April 25th

Class schedule:

Mondays 6pm  Studio A

Saturdays 11:30am ⟶ Studio C

Classes are held @StudioBizz

551 Mont-Royal East(3rd floor)

Terms of use

  • Subscriptions only valid for the current session, until April 22nd 2020

  • Subscription Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable. They can not be sold to another person.

  • In case of injury, it will be possible to postpone the subscription or package in the form of a credit of the value of the remaining courses (minus 25% of administrative costs). 

Accepted methods of payment:

  • Interact E – Transfer ( select choice of Single drop-in, 5, 10 or full session option) ⟶

  • Cash – Exact amount paid before or after class. 
  • Winter Session Registrations will be open as of Dec 20th 

For class purchases, questions or any concerns don’t hesitate to use the form below to connect with me. Super exited to get to know all of you and dance together!

Have a beautiful day,




Simmi is a ball of pure energy. She helps to create a space for letting loose and letting go, bringing people into a place of acceptance. With each movement, her powerful voice directs students to follow her lead. I’m fortunate to have had the experience of having you as a teacher of dance and yoga although both of these area’s are not my strong suit, you not only broke it down for me, you made it fun and worth the effort and time.
Myra Maroof