“I learned to live free. To love every single moment.”

Simmi you are a friend, a confident, a source of energy, and a true inspiration. I cannot explain how you changed my life. You didn’t teach me how to dance. You didn’t teach me how to do yoga. You didn’t teach me how to be more flexible. You didn’t teach me how to improve my cardio, stamina, or whatever. What you taught me is bigger. You taught me to talk to myself. That even in the worst moments, there will always be a sunshine. That I am good enough and loved enough to be on this planet. I learned to be happy where I am and to always seek to move forward. I think about you every single day. What you say is so powerful and true that I keep telling myself what you say. When I’m afraid, you are there. Your words resonate in my heart. I learned to live free. To love every single moment. To find something pretty in every single thing. what I say comes from my heart. And when words come from there, they are always right. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and how you are a source of inspiration. For me and for others.
- Sébastien Riquier, Montreal CA

"Simmi is an artist in the truest form. She doesn't only teach Yoga but she lives it. Not only Yoga but dance, movement, the self and the connection and a mind, body and our spiritual and physical roots to the world around us. When you practice anything with her, you can feel this deep connection she has with everything. She's always working to better improve herself, by doing research, training and pushing herself to her limits."

- Simon

Simmi is truly a source of light who embodies her purpose of spiritual healing and guidance in such an authentic and commendable manner. She has helped me tremendously in learning to understand, embrace and express myself in all phases of my spiritual growth. From teaching me to unveil and work through inner child trauma, to helping me develop new perspectives; Simmi has helped me navigate such shaping years of life. She has so skillfully, gently and gracely helped me reset my mindset and find my inner voice. I will forever be grateful for her guidance.

- Sakshi