"I am so happy to have found Simmi. Her yoga classes incorporate every part of yoga and meditation that I love. Her words and voice just make you feel so calm and inspired, she is a truely a pure gem. I highly recommend trying her class!"
Danielle Comtois
I can't say enough about how wonderful Simmi is. She has the biggest and purest heart and truly gives her all throughout her practice. She is grounded and conscious and is always able to bring out the positive in any situation. It is such a pleasure to practice and learn from her. I absolutely recommend her! <3
Dominique Dubowy
Simmi is a ball of pure energy. She helps to create a space for letting loose and letting go, bringing people into a place of acceptance. With each movement, her powerful voice directs students to follow her lead.

She is incredibly passionate in her profession and this is not something that takes very long to realize about Simmi, it is a pronounced part of who she is.

I’m fortunate to have had the experience of having you as a teacher of dance and yoga although both of these area’s are not my strong suit, you not only broke it down for me, you made it fun and worth the effort and time.
Mya Maroof
"Simmi is wonderful and she clearly loves what she is doing and teaching. Life is already stressful without having to feel anxious during a work out or a yoga practice. Simmi makes sure that everyone feels at ease and that we all respect our own bodies in their limits, but also encourages us to expand our potential. If you ever feel unsure jumping into yoga or not, start with Simmi and you won't feel intimidated at all."
Dominique Noe
I experienced one of Simmi’s yoga classes, and it was remarkable how able I was to get out of my head with her soothing voice. Simmi is authentic and open-hearted. Her classes reflect her heart and soul and create a space of comfort and serenity. Simmi would be a great beginner instructor or advance instructor as she quickly adapts to the skill of her student. I learned a lot about myself in the session we had together and the influence yoga can have. Overall, Simmi is an awesome person, who teaches through compassion for her students.
"Simmi is an artist in the truest form. She doesn't only teach Yoga but she lives it. Not only Yoga but dance, movement, the self and the connection between mind, body and our spiritual and physical roots to the world around us. When you practice anything with her, you can feel this deep connection she has with everything. She's always working to better improve herself, by doing research, training and pushing herself to her limits."
Simmi is so professional and one of the best sessions I had so far was with her. I still remember some of the quotes she mentioned in the session which completely changed my perspective.
Akriti Saini
Beautiful Simmi! She truly is a sunshine. I had no plan to go to that Saturday morning class... Am I glad I did. I was really down and not feeling myself at all that morning so I decided a little yoga will do me good. Not only did I come out of there refreshed and positive but I carried that on for the whole day and the whole week and all thanks to Simmi.

Her presence, her energy, her words of wisdom. Thank you Simmi for making me look at yoga from a different angle. I started practicing yoga because I was looking for a more physical challenge in terms of strength and flexibility. But thanks to Simmi and her ability to make you feel at ease and make you feel welcome and her power through her words to make you leave any emotional baggage right at the door I started seeing yoga with a different eye.

It was more spiritual than physical. My mind was more connected to my body, yoga became my therapy. Thank you Simmi for bringing your spiritual energy into class, which lifts me up each time and provides a sense of purpose while I’m on that mat and after.