Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Martha Graham

Dance is who we are. It’s our language. Its our way of expressing. communicating. It’s breathtakingly beautiful but the harsh reality is that it is also vividly known that within the exquisite world of dance is an environment of tough competition and often unhealthy pressure to be the best.  As performers we constantly deal with mental and emotional stress, most of which generates from anxiety and nerves surrounding auditions, performances and finding the often difficult work / life balance. 

One of my biggest missions since starting to teach yoga is to offer this practice to the dance community. Being a dancer and performer can bring so much joy and happiness but when a dancer is out of work, injured or perhaps just out of money, the art of dance can be soul destroying and extremely depleting. Yoga encourages a non-competitive and accepting attitude towards our bodies and this more compassionate and mindful way of approaching physicality can be so helpful during times of disconnect. This is why It’s become very important for me introduce and allow more exposure and access to yoga to dancers and dance studios.

I have seen how much change yoga has brought into my dancing and my ability to listen to my body more intently and so that it can transmute into my self expression as a creative outlet. Which is why i want to offer it to you. 


Why yoga should be part of every dancers curriculum?

   • Increased Body awareness 
   • Every movement is conscious and deliberate
   • Increased strength and flexibility
   • Linking breath to movement
   • Awareness of alignment, grounding and finding               fluidity and range in the spine
   • Deep relaxation from restorative postures to ensure       adequate rest and recovery

   • Cultivating balance between the physical and                  emotional body 

Give your dancers the gift of self love and peace of mind.

1 Onsite Yoga for dancers Workshop

2 hour workshop focusing on different tools to incorporate into releasing tension and stress from the body and mind.

Please contact me for rates. 

1 Onsite Yoga for dancers class

1 hour class focusing on breath, movement and awareness of our internal world and how it reflects onto our psychical body.  

Please contact me for rates.